Dedication, Endowment, and Donation Opportunities

To donate, scroll down to the payment section below

Building Dedication  SOLD  $1,000,000.00   Bima  $54,000.00
School Dedication  $500,000.00   Sanctuary Furniture  $54,000.00
Sanctuary $360,000.00   Children's Playground  $54,000.00
Social Hall $360,000.00   Security System  $54,000.00
Women's Mikvah Dedication  $250,000.00   Men's Bor (Mikvah Pool)  $54,000.00
Gourmet Kosher Kitchen - Meat  $180,000.00   Neir Tamid Light  $36,000.00
Kitchen - Dairy  $120,000.00   Mechitzah   $36,000.00
Grand Lobby & Atrium SOLD $150,000.00   Mikvah Prep Room x 2 each  $25,000.00
Men's Mikvah Dedication $100,000.00   Mikvah Reception/Lobby  $25,000.00
Aron Kodesh $100,000.00   Hand Washing Fountain SOLD  $25,000.00
Rabbi's Offices SOLD $100,000.00   Chandeliers SOLD  $25,000.00
Judaic Library $75,000.00   Rabbi's Lecturn  $18,000.00
Landscaping $75,000.00   Chazan's Lecturn  $18,000.00
Women's Bor (Mikvah Pool)  SOLD $54,000.00   Donor Wall in Lobby  $18,000.00
Main Entrance/Front Mezuzah $54,000.00   Mezuzot  $18,000.00
Plaza/Patio $54,000.00   Gift Shop  $18,000.00
Adult Education Classroom $54,000.00   Office Equipment & Computers  $18,000.00

General Dedication Opportunities (to be mentioned on Donor Wall)

Founder $10,800.00
Builder  $7,200.00
Benefactor $5,400.00
Patron  $3,600.00
Chai Sponsor $1,800.00
Donor  $900.00
Friend  $720.00

If you would like to make a Dedication or Endowment donation and plan on making a payment in full, please
contact the office at 702-617-0770 or

If you would like to make a Dedication or Endowment donation with payment plan, you can contact the office
or simply use the payment form below.  Click 'Other' and enter the monthly payment amount.  Then click the
box indicating that this is a monthly payment.  On the line titled Endowment or Dedication, indicate which 
Dedication or Endowment you are making payments towards (for example: Judaic Library, Bima, Mezuzot etc...).

All donations are tax deductible and payment options are available.