Join us for a Guided Meditation class at the Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa!

  Iyar is known as a time of healing and refining our character traits - different ones corresponding to the counting of the Omer. What better time to meditate, refresh ourselves, and cleanse our thoughts as we move through this most auspicious time between Passover and Shavuot?

With the cost of the event, you'll get an ALL DAY PASS to be used any time on Monday, April 16th - just join us at in our reserved room at 6 pm to enjoy our special guided meditation.

All attendees will pay at the counter. Simply let the staff know you are there for the Jewish Women's Circle event to get your all day pass and to be directed to the right location for the meditation.

Cost: $25 per person     Date: Monday, April 16th     Time: 6:00 pm
The Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa
2300 Paseo Verde Pkwy in Henderson

Contact the office or click the button below to RSVP: