Below are the Dedication opportunities available for the Chabad of Henderson Mikvah.

  Dedication Opportunities

 Women's Mikvah Dedication      Sold
 Women's Mikvah Pool (Bor)     Sold
 Women's Mikvah Reception/Lobby     Sold
 Women's Preparation Room w/Tub    $36,000 
 Women's Preparation Room w/o Tub    $36,000 
 Women's Mikvah Mezzuzahs     $18,000 
 Men's Mikvah Mezzuzahs     $18,000 
 Utility Room/Laundry Room    $18,000 
 Men's Mikvah Dedication     Sold
 Men's Mikvah Pool (Bor)   $50,000 
 Men's Mikvah Entry & Hand Washing    Sold
 Men's Mikvah Dressing Area & Built Ins    $25,000 
 Kelim Mikvah    $25,000 


  Tree of Life Opportunities    
 Gold   $10,000 
 Founder   $7,700 
 Builder   $5,400
 Sponsor   $3,600
 Supporter   $1,800
 Donor   $900
 Friend                                                      $770

If you are interested in one of our donation opportunities, please contact the office at [email protected] or 702.617.0770.