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News and information about Chabad of Green Valley/Henderson's new building.

In Case You Haven't Heard...

Chabad of Green Valley/Henderson put out a calendar this year - our first one.  In the centerfold, we were very proud to officially announce the building of the Jewish Community Center to our congregants, which would include, a Hebrew School, Pre-School, play ground and most importantly, a Mikvah.

Along with this new building, Chabad of Green Valley/Henderson will be changing it's name to Chabad of Henderson, which will include a new logo.  We feel this new name will better reflect our community and congregation. 

The new location is on Carnegie St., right off of Horizon Ridge Parkway (behind the 7-11) - about 1.8 miles from The District at Green Valley Ranch and 1.3 miles from our Eastern Ave address.

Currently, we are in the process of finalizing the blue prints and making sure that this new building will be just right for us and for you.  We are very excited about this new building and the opportunity it gives us to offer new services and broaden services we already provide.

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