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News and information about Chabad of Green Valley/Henderson's new building.

New Building Meeting

Yesterday, Rabbi Mendy Harlig and Wayne Krygier met with architect Marc Lemoine about the interior of the building - including things like seating and the Aron Kodesh!

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The dream is becoming more real with each day.  

Be a part of it and find out how you can help by clicking this link: HERE 

New Building Fundraiser Takes Off!

By now, many of you have received information about our new building in the mail.  This was the kickoff of our New Building Fundraiser!  With plans to break ground next month, we are asking those in the community to donate towards the new building which will be serving as a Jewish Community Center in Henderson.  

There are plenty of opportunities for donors of all means to contribute and we're hoping to count on you, our friends and family in the community to help make this dream of a new home, into a reality.  

If you're interested in finding out more about the building, you can contact the office at [email protected] or call 702-617-0770.  If you want to know more about dedication and endowment opportunities as well as to donate, click HERE

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