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News and information about Chabad of Green Valley/Henderson's new building.

The Keilim Mikvah and Insulation Installation

The Keilim Mikvah has been poured and set. We use the Keilim Mikvah to Kosher items like pots and pans before use. 

Insulation has also been installed in the interior of the building as the outside is prepared for stucco and the electrical inside has been set up.

Another huge step towards the Mikvah's finish! What a great way to enter the holiday of Shavuos!

If you are interested in one of the Mikvah dedication opportunities or more information about the Henderson Mikvah, please contact the office at 702.617.0770 or [email protected], or visit our Mikvah site at: 




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Each Step is important

 A lot of the interior has been worked on as well as the outside. Even with setbacks and challenges, we are pushing onward. Every little bit of progress is important, even if it isn't a big leap - they are all movements forward. Faith and community keeps us with our eyes to the future!

Scaffolding has been erected on the outside in preparation for stucco on the base as we continue phase 1 building.



We are looking forward to everyone standing together safely as a whole and healthy community to see the first Mikvah in Henderson complete. 

For more information about the Mikvah or if you're interested in donation opportunities, please visit our webpage:  

Another Step

Progress continues on the building of the Mikvah. It is now clear to see the form of the structure and you can imagine easier what it will look like. It appears less like some wood and beams and more like a true building with a roof and doors. The construction of the Keilim Mikvah (a mikvah to Kosher vessels like pots and pans) was also begun. It's exciting to see another step in the process taken.

We hope you will continue to join us on this journey and will become a part of the process of making the first Mikvah in Henderson a reality - something that will be a part of our community now and in many years to come.






For more information about the Mikvah and donation opportunities, please visit our page: 

Building of the Mikvah has begun!

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I share with you the news that the building of the Mikvah has begun. This is particularly exciting because the Mikvah serves as the heart of the Jewish community. It is considered to be so important that it takes precedent over the building of the synagogue (and in some cases, it is believed you should sell the synagogue to fund building the mikvah!). 

Through the difficult times of the Corona Virus pandemic, the ground has been broken, the cement has been poured, the plumbing installed and the frame of the building erected. 

This is a huge step in the continuing journey of Chabad of Henderson. The dream of the first Mikvah in Henderson is becoming a reality.




To see more photos, please go to our Mikvah Homepage.


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