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Distant Jews


Distant Jews

by Rabbi Yosef Y. Jacobson

The elderly Catholic woman said to us, "You should visit my cousin Tony who lives in Wexford, Ireland. He is married to a Jewish woman and they have three lovely children."

It was the summer of 1996. As Lubavitcher yeshiva students, Rabbi Mendy Harlig and I were using our summer break to serve in the Lubavitcher Rebbe's "Peace Corps," to go to those areas of the world that don't have an emissary of the Rebbe nearby. We spent five weeks in Ireland, in the course of which we visited Jews from north to south, and east to west.

Our base was Dublin and we stayed at the Orwell Lodge Hotel. One day the manageress of the hotel, an elderly Catholic woman, said to us, "Are you the young rabbis referred to in an article in The Irish Times?"

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