Rabbi Mendy Harlig - Executive Director/Rabbi 

Rabbi Harlig studied in world renowned Yeshivos and was ordained in Central Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim Lubavitch Rabbinical Seminary in Brooklyn, New York.  His involvement in outreach includes serving Jewish communities in Boston, Hong Kong, and Charkov, Ukraine. He is Rabbi of Chabad of Henderson and serves as a chaplain on the Las Vegas Metro Police Force.
He leads services on Shabbat and on Holidays and teaches JLI Torah Studies weekly, as well as special holiday classes.                     

Email: [email protected]


Rebbetzin Chaya Harlig – Co-Director 

Chaya has been involved in many summer youth programs throughout the United States, She attended Beis Chaya Mushka Seminary in Montreal and Beth Rivkah Teachers Seminary in Brooklyn, New York. She has taught at Chabad of Southern Nevada’s Torah Tots preschool and Desert Torah Academy and currently serves as Co-Director and Director of the Hebrew School at Chabad of Henderson. She oversees programming for the women's programs, including the Jewish Women's Circle and the Ladies Lunch & Learn.

 Email: [email protected]


Rabbi Kalman Shor – Assistant Rabbi 

Since joining his daughter, Chaya, in Las Vegas a few years ago Rabbi Shor has stepped up to assist in many facets of Chabad of Henderson’s program.  Rabbi Shor offers weekly Kabbalah classes and several lectures throughout the year.  He also assists with Shabbat services, holiday celebrations and in planning all of Chabad of Henderson’s events throughout the year.                                                                                                            

Email: [email protected]  ATT: Rabbi Shor


Rebbetzin Gittie Shor -  Hebrew School Teacher 

Gittie teaches four through six year olds in our Hebrew School, enchanting them with her warmth and charm. She imbues the children with the warmth and beauty of Jewish traditions.  In addition to her Hebrew School duties, Gittie is a gracious hostess and helps set up many of the functions that take place at Chabad of Henderson and assists her daughter, Chaya with the women's events and programming.

Email: [email protected]  ATT: Mrs. Shor