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News and information about Chabad of Green Valley/Henderson's new building.

Each Step is important

 A lot of the interior has been worked on as well as the outside. Even with setbacks and challenges, we are pushing onward. Every little bit of progress is important, even if it isn't a big leap - they are all movements forward. Faith and community keeps us with our eyes to the future!

Scaffolding has been erected on the outside in preparation for stucco on the base as we continue phase 1 building.



We are looking forward to everyone standing together safely as a whole and healthy community to see the first Mikvah in Henderson complete. 

For more information about the Mikvah or if you're interested in donation opportunities, please visit our webpage:  

Another Step

Progress continues on the building of the Mikvah. It is now clear to see the form of the structure and you can imagine easier what it will look like. It appears less like some wood and beams and more like a true building with a roof and doors. The construction of the Keilim Mikvah (a mikvah to Kosher vessels like pots and pans) was also begun. It's exciting to see another step in the process taken.

We hope you will continue to join us on this journey and will become a part of the process of making the first Mikvah in Henderson a reality - something that will be a part of our community now and in many years to come.






For more information about the Mikvah and donation opportunities, please visit our page: 

Building of the Mikvah has begun!

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I share with you the news that the building of the Mikvah has begun. This is particularly exciting because the Mikvah serves as the heart of the Jewish community. It is considered to be so important that it takes precedent over the building of the synagogue (and in some cases, it is believed you should sell the synagogue to fund building the mikvah!). 

Through the difficult times of the Corona Virus pandemic, the ground has been broken, the cement has been poured, the plumbing installed and the frame of the building erected. 

This is a huge step in the continuing journey of Chabad of Henderson. The dream of the first Mikvah in Henderson is becoming a reality.




To see more photos, please go to our Mikvah Homepage.


Construction is still going strong...

The ground for our new Chabad is being worked on and getting ready to be built upon.  In these very early days, it can sometimes be difficult to see progress, but once the land is ready, construction can begin.  

Buildingsite01.jpg Buildingsite05.jpg

Construction begins!

 Even through the torrential rains, construction has begun on site!

Construction Day 1.jpg 

Even with things moving forward, we need YOUR help to make this building go from a dream to a reality.  Find out how you can help by clicking: HERE  

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Chabad of Henderson’s Jewish Community Center



On Sunday, April 23rd, the high winds didn’t keep people away from Chabad of Green Valley/Henderson’s Groundbreaking Ceremony!  Held at the new site of the Chabad of Henderson Jewish Community Center, located on Carnegie St. between Kenneth Ave. and Horizon Ridge Pkwy, a large tent was set up to house the over 200 attendees at the historic event.


Serving as MC, Georgia Horesh, Office Administrator of Chabad of Green Valley/Henderson, welcomed guests and introduced Levi Harlig who then sang a beautiful acapella tune for the gathered attendees.  Afterward, Rabbi Mendy Harlig and his wife, Rebbetzin Chaya Harlig spoke about Chabad, Chabad of Green Valley/Henderson’s history and hopes for the future for their community.  They introduced Eileen and Allen Anes who gave beautiful and humorous speeches about their relationship with Chabad and the Harligs. 


ChabadGV042317-5216.jpg ChabadGV042317-5235.jpg

President of Jewish Nevada and resident of Henderson, Todd Polikoff spoke a few words of the importance of the Jewish Community Center, followed by Rabbi Shea Harlig, head of Chabad in Nevada, who voiced his blessings and pride.  Long time congregants and contributors to Chabad of Green Valley/Henderson, Ray and Susie Koroghli were welcomed to the podium and both talked about their connection to the synagogue and encouraged others to support the new community center.  Then Ray gave a beautiful Tehilim for the gathered guests.


The guest speakers were then invited for photographs with hard hats and shovels for the symbolic groundbreaking ceremony.   People were invited to take photos and to enjoy refreshments at the Harouni home, two blocks away.  Those who attended got free t-shirts marking the event as well as hardhat shaped stress balls and a face-painter from Balloons with a Twist, painted the faces of the children who were there. 


Food was provided and donated by Simon & Joe’s and Trader Joe’s.  Special thanks goes out to all the volunteers who helped man the tables, directed parking and provided security at the event.  

To see more pictures from the event, check out our photo gallery! 

Groundbreaking Ceremony Announced!

We chose the site long ago... now we've chosen a date! 

Our groundbreaking ceremony will be on Sunday, April 23rd at 1:30 pm on the site located on Carnegie St., right behind the 7-Eleven, off of Horizon Ridge Pkwy in Henderson.

This will be a fun event for the whole family, and it's free.  

We hope to see you there!


New Building Meeting

Yesterday, Rabbi Mendy Harlig and Wayne Krygier met with architect Marc Lemoine about the interior of the building - including things like seating and the Aron Kodesh!

5777_01_11_17BuildingMeeting01 (2).jpg 5777_01_11_17BuildingMeeting02 (2).jpg

The dream is becoming more real with each day.  

Be a part of it and find out how you can help by clicking this link: HERE 

New Building Fundraiser Takes Off!

By now, many of you have received information about our new building in the mail.  This was the kickoff of our New Building Fundraiser!  With plans to break ground next month, we are asking those in the community to donate towards the new building which will be serving as a Jewish Community Center in Henderson.  

There are plenty of opportunities for donors of all means to contribute and we're hoping to count on you, our friends and family in the community to help make this dream of a new home, into a reality.  

If you're interested in finding out more about the building, you can contact the office at or call 702-617-0770.  If you want to know more about dedication and endowment opportunities as well as to donate, click HERE

In Case You Haven't Heard...

Chabad of Green Valley/Henderson put out a calendar this year - our first one.  In the centerfold, we were very proud to officially announce the building of the Jewish Community Center to our congregants, which would include, a Hebrew School, Pre-School, play ground and most importantly, a Mikvah.

Along with this new building, Chabad of Green Valley/Henderson will be changing it's name to Chabad of Henderson, which will include a new logo.  We feel this new name will better reflect our community and congregation. 

The new location is on Carnegie St., right off of Horizon Ridge Parkway (behind the 7-11) - about 1.8 miles from The District at Green Valley Ranch and 1.3 miles from our Eastern Ave address.

Currently, we are in the process of finalizing the blue prints and making sure that this new building will be just right for us and for you.  We are very excited about this new building and the opportunity it gives us to offer new services and broaden services we already provide.

Chabad of Green Valley Education Rendering



Watercolor rendering of exterior perspective and landscaping for a Chabad.

New Blog for Updates on the New Building

Welcome to our new blog to keep everyone updated on our new building. Check back regularly to see how it's progressing!

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