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Upcoming events
Nov. 04, 2020
Join Rabbi Mendy on ZOOM in a virtual classroom, as he delves into the deeper meaning behind the Parshah, bringing relevancy from lessons in the Torah to modern times.
These classes are ...
Nov. 05, 2020
Mitzvah Class - 6:00pm-7:00pm online on Zoom
Join us as we will be discussing the 613 Commandments in the Torah and their rationale.
This class is facilitated by Moshe Meir (The Mitzvah ...
Nov. 05, 2020
This five-part online Zoom lecture series will touch upon a number of amazing topics which you may have been wondering about and some of which are the subject of investigation by the scientific ...
Nov. 10, 2020
Ladies Lunch & Learn - 12:00pm-1:00pm online on Zoom
This class exhibits the power of the Jewish woman! Hosted by Rebbetzin Chaya Harlig, this fascinating class on Jewish philosophy and ...