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The tradition of Mikvah and the laws of Family Purity are central to Jewish life. Discover more about the tradition that can become a rich and fulfilling part of your marriage.
The First Mikvah in Henderson
While we are looking forward to the day that The Chabad of Henderson Jewish Community Center will finally be built, we are focused on first building the first Mikvah in Henderson and the Southern Nevada area. Join us in our journey...
» Why build a Mikvah?
The Mikvah, the Jewish Woman’s Space, covers many elements of Jewish life.  Mikvah means a gathering of natural water and offers the individual, the community and the nation of Israel the remarkable gift of purity and holiness.
A single immersion in the mikvah may appear insignificant to some - a quick and puny act. Yet coupled with dedication and awe, it is a monumental feat; it brings purity and its regenerative power not only to the present and future, but even to one’s past.
The existence of a mikvah is considered so important that a Jewish community is required to construct a mikvah even before building a synagogue, and some believe in going to the extreme of selling Torah scrolls or even a synagogue if necessary, to provide funding for its construction.
» What's Happening?
Despite the current world situation concerning COVID-19, the closing of essential businesses in Nevada and the cancellation of services and events till further notice, plans for the mikvah move forward. We are looking forward to the time when you will be able to see the progress first hand and even more so, to the day we can open the mikvah's doors.
Till then, check out our UPDATE page and our Mikvah PHOTO ALBUM to see the progress!
» Dedication Opportunities
Donation opportunities are still available to those that are interested!
It's not only an investment in the mikvah, but in the Jewish community here in Henderson and its surrounding area.
To find out more, you can contact the office at 702.617.0770 or Or you can see the visit the DONOR PAGE.
Phase One complete
Dedication opportunities are still available!
If you're interested in one of our Mikvah Donation opportunities, please visit our Donor Page .
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