We value children of all ages and welcome them to join us for all services!  

Shofar.pngDuring the High Holidays, we have special Children's Programming featuring fun and educational games and crafts - making learning about Rosh Hashanna and Yom Kippur, engaging and entertaining.  

lulovetrog.pngFor Sukkot, we have a carnival or party, which usually includes, face painting, music, games and crafts.  

torah.pngOn Simchat Torah, we have a huge celebration with treats for the kids and lots of dancing with the Torah!

menorah.pngFor Chanukah, we have our annual menorah lighting, which takes place in The District at Green Valley Ranch.  There is live entertainment and lots of treats and everyone is welcome at this free event.

dreidel.pngWe have a Chanukah party with music, lots of food like latkes and doughnuts, and of course crafts and games specifically for the children.

groggers.pngFor Purim, we have a large celebration for the reading of the Megillah.  The party features delicious food, a fun theme for the night, and a costume contest.

matza.pngAt Passover, we have a seder for BOTH nights - giving everyone the opportunity to join us as we relive our moment of freedom while having a delicious meal with friends. 

bonfire.jpgLag B'Omer is a great time to have an outside event and we'll usually either have a joint Chabad parade, a BBQ or family fund day.

tablets.jpgFor Shavuot, we have an ice cream party after the reading of the Ten Commandments, where children can indulge in sundaes and treats!

For more information, please look at our Holiday Events for dates, times and locations.  Click Here

Throughout the year, we celebrate the holidays with the next generation in mind, making fun, exciting, and educational events the entire family can enjoy.  From our holiday events to our Family Shabbatons, Chabad is a place for everyone, from 1 to 101 to call home!